Most Awesome Mother Daughter Photo Series Ever


There is something really special about the bond between a mother and daughter. Not only do you look similar and often have similar mannerisms, but sometimes the daughter can convince the mother to do some wacky things, just like graphic designer/artist Carra Sykes.

With some spare time on her hands after graduating from college, 24-year-old Sykes began her Mother + Daughter series using herself and her mother Marti as the subject matter. In each photo she and her mother don the same clothing and pose in the same way.

“I had been taking self-portraits, but became bored with just me as the subject,” she told Huffington Post UK. “I asked myself, ‘How could I do something that would be fun and explorative with photographs that could also be ongoing?'” And she found inspiration in her mother.

“Because we were spending a lot of time together, I thought a photo project with my mom would be interesting and a new way of bonding,” Sykes said. “I like things to come together naturally, and this project is definitely one that formed from the everyday.”

So how does mom Marti feel about the project? She said her mom has had “enthusiasm and energy” for the project and has been “super supportive.”

“When we haven’t taken a photo in a while, she sometimes comes to me and asks when we will take our next Mother + Daughter photo,” Sykes said. “She has been so wonderful to work with!”

And the joy they both have for the project is evident in these photos. Check out the series right here:

  • Eyes Closed 1 of 11
    Eyes Closed
    The mother daughter duo take a meditative pose in this one.
  • The Tree 2 of 11
    The Tree
    A full body shot, this time the ladies are just starring at a tree.
  • The Chair 3 of 11
    The Chair
    Both wearing the Soccer sweatshirt, yes it is ageless.
  • Scouts 4 of 11
    This one gives the appearance of a Scout style.
  • Darkness 5 of 11
    A more spooky looking image, the two capture an eerie essence.
  • The Kitchen 6 of 11
    The Kitchen
    They each hold a sailboat while contemplating the floor.
  • Touchdown 7 of 11
    Giving their best touchdown pose.
  • Cats 8 of 11
    I wonder if mom would actually ever wear this shirt?
  • With Pal 9 of 11
    With Pal
    It's hard to tell the difference with this one.
  • Snow Days 10 of 11
    Snow Days
    And this one captures a youthfulness in them both.
  • Fall 11 of 11
    The mother daughter duo keep warm in the Fall chill.

Photo Source: Carra Skyes

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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