Most Delicious Art EVER: 10,000 Cupcakes Made into Mosaic of a Cherry Blossom Tree

This piece of art looks good enough to eat, and indeed it is.

In London the cupcake company Crumbs and Doilies provided 10,000 cupcakes covered in a variety of pink, blue, brown and green frosting to create a stunning image of a portrait of a tree covered in cherry blossoms.

This delicious feat was made for the Japanese TV show ITTEQ and was the creation of artist Laura Hadland. Ms. Hadland has a thing for creating giant edible pieces of art. She made news for her take on the Mona Lisa made from burnt toast and a pair of portraits of Pippa Middleton made entirely of crumpets.

For this piece she selected 14 different colors…which Crumbs and Doilies was able to make into frostings. Of the process she wrote on her blog Extreme Housewife that she used her regular process by “taking the photo, reducing it down to the requisite number of squares and then allocating each square first a colour and then finally, a letter.”

As for what happened to the amazingly delicious looking piece of art after filming? Hadland wrote, “I think the only thing that disappointed me about the final experience was that the shopping center we worked in said ‘under no circumstances could we give out the cupcakes’ – absolutely ridiculous. They were completely edible and would have been enjoyed by hundreds of people.”

Check out the mosaic being assembled below.

Images via Crumbs & Dollies

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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