Mother of 5 Children Hidden From Society Gives Birth in Jail

Louann Bowers

The mother of five children taken into custody by the Pennslyania child welfare agency has given birth to a sixth child, in prison. Louann Bowers gave birth today to a baby girl at 5:30am in York County prison 15 weeks before her due date which was reported to be in March.

Bowers, and her boyfriend Sinhue Johnston were charged with five counts of felony child endangerment after anonymous tip lead child welfare agents to their home for the fourth time since 2003. The family of seven was reportedly living in one bedroom in a dilapidated home with no electricity, water, or heat.

Yesterday I wrote an initial post about the story which is heartbreaking on a number of levels. Agents reported that the children had little to no medical care, no records of their births, no vaccinations, and appeared to be unbathed leading them to believe a level of serious neglect. All five children are now in foster care working on being integrated into society among their peers.

Louann Bowers was reported missing in 1993 from her home in East Berlin, PA.  It is speculated that she has been with her boyfriend Sinhue Johnston since that time.

Her lawyer has told the courts she is now working to get her GED and improve her parenting skills so that she can regain custody of her children. She shared that during the time living under those conditions, she was doing what she was asked to by her husband.

Sadly as I posted yesterday, I knew there would be more details about the story that would come out, and it seems as though this woman fled one abusive situation and landed herself in another.

Bower’s lawyer has requested that her bail be lowered so that she can work on her parenting, and provide the proper attention her preemie needs during this time, and has told child welfare agents that she would like to be reunited with her children, and raise them without her husband.

photo : York Daily Record/Sunday News


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