Mother of Girl with Down Syndrome Successful at Getting Photos Mocking Her Daughter Removed from Facebook

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Trolls are being arrested in the UK for creating images like this.

Gawker reported yesterday that Britain’s Liz Crowter had been trying for several months to get Facebook to remove photos of her 16-year old daughter, Heidi, from groups mocking her and other disabled people. Heidi has Down Syndrome, and one of her baby pictures had been stolen from a support group website and turned into a meme called I Can Count to Potato, which as you’ll see by clicking that link, is still going strong. Heidi’s photo appeared on Facebook in two groups mocking the disabled, and as of today, those groups do not come up in a Facebook search.

However, drawing attention to Heidi’s exploitation hasn’t stopped Internet trolls from creating more mean-spirited images (left) surrounding this issue, but as Gawker noted yesterday, anonymous trolls may want to be careful: in Britain, people are being arrested for this sort of behavior. The BBC did an excellent report on Heidi and her mother’s plight, which you can watch below, along with some biting commentary about trolling from Ellis Cashmore, a professor of culture at Staffordshire University.



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