Mother of Three Arrested for Having 4th Child with Teen Boy

38-year-old Debra Ayala Tapia is pregnant with a fourth child, which normally would be cause to celebrate. Problem is, Debra just got out of prison on $100,000 bail and the baby’s father is a 15-year-old neighbor boy. Oh yeah, she’s also married.

The Orange County woman is accused of having an unlawful sexual relationship with a 15-year-old boy. According to the O.C. District Attorney’s Office:

In early 2009, the defendant is accused of grooming 15-year-old John Doe by talking with him on the phone and inviting him to her house late at night. Between February and November 2009, Tapia is accused of having an unlawful sexual relationship with John Doe approximately two times a week at her home including oral copulation and intercourse. Tapia is accused of becoming pregnant during this time. On Nov. 21, 2009, she is accused of giving birth to a child.

The affair came to light when the boy’s mother became suspicious of a relationship between her son and the woman. Must have been spending lots a time at Mrs. Tapia’s house. The boy’s mom found suggestive notes written between the 38-year-old and her son. That’s when she confronted her teenager and he spilled his guts. She demanded a paternity test for Tapia’s child and, BLAM-O!, the boy was found the father.

Though it seems odd to nitpick the offences here, one wonders why Tapia didn’t insist on using a condom. Did she want a child with the boy? Was she planning on passing it off as her husband’s? I guess it’s unreasonable to ask reasonable questions about a clearly unreasonable woman.

Source: OC Weekly

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