Mother Recorded Storming Bus and Giving Her Kid’s Bully a Beat Down

Look out! Here comes Terec’s mom!

I’ve yet to experience my child being bullied by another child.

To tell you the truth, I don’t know that I’d handle the situation very well. What I’m saying is, instead of being a responsible, level-headed adult I’d probably be more likely to behave like the woman you’re about to see.

Okay, well, I probably wouldn’t storm a school bus and issue a beat down on the kid accused of bullying my kid, but I’d want to, I’d really, really want to.

According to Newsone, when Felecia Phillip’s son told her an older kid at school was harassing him and getting other teens to beat him up she took matters into her own hands.

She walked her son, Terec Smith, to the bus stop last week, she says to make sure he was safe. As CNN reports, as they walked up to the bus stop Phillips said she heard the alleged bully taking about her son. She and the older kid exchanged words and the altercation continued when she followed the 17-year-old onto the bus. As bus surveillance shows, the verbal fight escalated into tussling soon thereafter. Other kids on the bus, including her son, tried to break up the fight.

According to CNN, Phillips was arrested a short time later. “She was arrested by deputies three hours later on child abuse and trespassing charges. Phillips is fighting the charges, claiming that she wasn’t abusing anyone. What local law enforcement saw as child abuse, she saw as “discipline” and says she’d do it again.

“I love kids. I don’t love a disrespectful child and that’s what he is.”

Her son isn’t  embarrassed by his mom either.

“I feel great about it because I know a lot of people wish they had a mom that had their back because some parents when you tell them (you’ve been bullied) they just ignore it,” he said.

A rash of recent cases of parents confronting their childrens’ bullies, or the horrifying incident of children taunting an elderly school bus monitor, raise the same question. Do kids these days need more discipline? Is that the problem? Phillips says yes.

“That’s what they need,” Phillips said. “A good, old fashion whooping. And we’re not able to do that because we end up in jail on child abuse charges.”

Is Phillips right? And if you believe she’s right, do you agree with what she did? Why or why not? You can watch the bus fight in the video below.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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