Motherhood Around the Globe: 15 Gorgeous Photos of What Moms Everywhere Look Like

International Museum of Women
"Little Burden, Shui Tribe, China"

You’re a woman, right? Or someone who was born to a woman? Someone who loves a woman? Someone who knows a woman? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you must visit the International Museum of Women (IMOW). Like, now.

The International Museum of Women is an online social change museum that aims to inspire global action through creativity and awareness of vital global issues for women, and help build community across borders.

Through September 2012, the IMOW is exhibiting MAMA: Motherhood Around the Globe, which brings together journalists, artists, thought leaders, filmmakers and photographers from all corners of the planet. There will be a total of eight online exhibition topic galleries that focus on various dimensions of contemporary motherhood with the hope they will “fuel a worldwide movement of advocates for mothers’ human rights and advances in maternal health.”

Here are 15 glorious photos of moms from around the world from the MAMA exhibit:

  • Born in Bangladesh 1 of 15
    Born in Bangladesh
    Chantal Anderson | USA
    "Since 2001, Bangladesh's maternal mortality rate has declined by 40 percent."
    - Chantal Anderson
  • Born in Bangladesh 2 of 15
    Born in Bangladesh
    Chantal Anderson | USA
    "A grandmother holds her newborn grandchild at Bollobhpur Hospital."
    - Chantal Anderson
  • Morning Bath, India 3 of 15
    Morning Bath, India
    Ingetje Tadros | Australia
    Through Ingetje Tadros' skill and sensitivity, she enhances our perceptions and engages us with the unfamiliar, enabling us to cast off our engrained, divisive tendencies the formidable mental barriers that alienate 'us' (the urban, economically-advantaged) from 'them' (indigenous people and the world's chronically poor and vulnerable)."
  • Born in Bangladesh 4 of 15
    Born in Bangladesh
    Chantal Anderson | USA
    "Nursing student Adlina Luiga Mondel wraps up a newborn baby at Bollobhpur Hospital in Meherpur, Bangladesh."
    - Chantal Anderson
  • Momma Love, Kitty 5 of 15
    Momma Love, Kitty
    Ali Smith | USA
    Ali Smith's book, "Momma Love: How the Mother Half Live," looks at the realities of motherhood.
  • Mother of Mothers, Haiti 6 of 15
    Mother of Mothers, Haiti
    Andre Lambertson, Kwame Dawes | USA
    Andre Lambertson is a New York-based photojournalist and filmmaker who is committed to documentary stories of hope, healing and transformation.
  • Mothers: The Pillars of the Leh Relief Camp 7 of 15
    Mothers: The Pillars of the Leh Relief Camp
    Ankur Aras | India
    Ankur Aras is the founder of ‘The Freedom Project,' which aims to provide an environment for children in Tibet to have a childhood.
  • Born in Bangladesh 8 of 15
    Born in Bangladesh
    Chantal Anderson | USA
    "In the past decade, the number of women delivering in hospitals rather than at home has more than doubled, but about 85 percent of Bangladeshi women continue to give birth at home without any medical assistance."
    - Chantal Anderson
  • Protective Custody, Amanda and Dionicio 9 of 15
    Protective Custody, Amanda and Dionicio
    Cheryl Hanna-Truscott | USA
    Cheryl Hanna-Truscott is a registered nurse and midwife who attests to the importance of healthy, timely infant-mother attachment. She also recognizes that the women in her portraits are the beneficiaries of an unfortunately rare approach to motherhood in US sites of incarceration.
  • Maasai Mothers: Community, Kenya 10 of 15
    Maasai Mothers: Community, Kenya
    Barbara Lee Shaw | USA
    Barbara Lee Shaw founded the Maasai Girls Education Fund.
  • Maasai Mothers: Pride and Joy, Kenya 11 of 15
    Maasai Mothers: Pride and Joy, Kenya
    Barbara Lee Shaw | USA
    Throughout the last decade, the Maasai Girls Education Fund has helped nearly 90 girls attend and graduate from school. More than a dozen have completed college and gone on to work. Some now work in the medical profession; others have become teachers or embarked on well-paying careers that they otherwise never could have imagined.
  • P.D.A, Shira and Temima 12 of 15
    P.D.A, Shira and Temima
    Clare Yow | Canada
    "There are numerous cultural and social apprehensions surrounding the act of nursing in a public area. This body of work grew out of a need to respond to events of that time, when women were chastised for performing these activities, whether out in public or via their online presence. It was empowering for me to hear that women were standing up to these unreasonable constraints on a grand scale, and I wanted to add my voice to the dialogue."
    - Clare Yow
  • Young Mother with Her Second Child, Ethiopia 13 of 15
    Young Mother with Her Second Child, Ethiopia
    Mark Tuschman | USA
    Since 2001, Mark Tuschman has devoted his energies to the issues of world-wide health care, particularly those regarding women's reproductive healthcare. He has documented projects in Bangladesh and Tanzania for EngenderHealth, and family planning projects in Guatemala for UNFPA, a microfinance projects in Ghana also involving reproductive health care in Ghana for WomensTrust, and numerous projects in Ghana, China, Mongolia and Thailand for the Global Fund for Women.
  • Little Burden, Shui Tribe, China 14 of 15
    Little Burden, Shui Tribe, China
    Syed Javaid A. Kazi | Pakistan
    Syed Javaid A. Kazi has been conferred with the President of Pakistan's Medal for "Pride of Performance" in the field of culture (photography).
  • New Mommy, South Africa 15 of 15
    New Mommy, South Africa
    Monica Ioannidou Polemitis | Cyprus
    As part of the MAMA: Motherhood Around the Glove exhibition, Christy Turlington Burns' Every Mother Counts organization has organized an online visitor pledge for maternal health rights. Upon receiving 10,000 signatures, the pledge will be delivered to governments and policy makers, culminating with a special presentation in conjunction with the UN General Assembly this September. Take action and sign the pledge here.

All images used with permission from the International Museum of Women

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