Mothers and Daughters: Haunting Photographs by Julia Fullerton-Batten

The bond between a mother and daughter is complicated, enduring, and has its own evolution. This myriad stages has been captured beautifully by Julia Fullerton-Batten in her series, “Mothers and Daughters.” The extremely talented photographer took a series of portraits of women and girls and distilled their relationships into a single image. She said to My Modern Met: “I only needed to orchestrate the sitters moderately to show the essence of their emotional bond. They created their own small world together, at the same time, through the staging of the scene, reviving my memories of my own family’s relationships.”

And the range is stunning. “The babe-in-arms is fully dependent on the mother, but at the other end of the age scale, the mother often becomes dependent on her daughter to satisfy her emotional needs.”

Check out these gorgeous and haunting images here:

  • Mother and Baby 1 of 10

    A portrait of a mother holding her baby — a beautiful moment.

  • Outside Looking In 2 of 10

    This image seems to depict the daughter's journey towards living her own life, looking in at her mother's home.

  • Still in Control 3 of 10

    This image captures how a daughter may have grown up, but the mother still, in many cases, has the power.

  • Home Life 4 of 10

    A slice of life photo of a mother with her toddler.

  • Piano 5 of 10

    The mother in this one looks distracted, more engaged with the photographer than her daughter poised at the piano.

  • The Mattress 6 of 10

    A very stylish duo. I'm just not sure what the mattress has to with it — perhaps a symbol of her daughter moving on and out.

  • Kitchen 7 of 10

    The mother in this photo looks very proud, while the daughter looks almost guilty of she's guilty of growing up.

  • Mirror 8 of 10

    This very attractive mother-daughter duo seems to be engaging in a moment of vanity.

  • Memories 9 of 10

    This mother-daughter duo takes a moment while looking through a photo album. It seems to have stirred up some kind of memories, and sad ones at that.

  • Yellow 10 of 10

    A mother-daughter pair in bright yellow. It's such an interesting portrait of a mother and her tween daughter.

Image Source (with permission): Julia Fullerton-Batten



Article Posted 3 years Ago

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