Mothers Can Often Predict the Sex of Their Babies

New Scientist has sent one of their reporters, who happens to be pregnant, to do a little investigative research on the power of old wives tales to predict who’s inside that bump.

“Women’s Intuition” won the day. While all the other tales she investigated turned up duds, Linda Geddes reports that she’s expecting a daughter. An ultrasound confirmed the feeling she’s had for weeks that her baby would be a girl.

She’s not relying on her own anecdotal experience alone, though. There’s research that shows over three quarters of women can accurately guess the sex of their baby.

Of women who said they had a powerful sense about their unborn baby’s sex, either through simple intuition or being informed in a dream, 60 percent guessed correctly. Pretty good.

But when women who also said they preferred one sex or another were removed from the group, the correct guesses among the remaining women shot up to 78 percent. I’ve used birth control methods less reliable than that.

I was certain from the first weeks of my first pregnancy that I would have a daughter, and so was everyone who knew me. I was so sure that I cheerfully collected little dresses while pregnant, even though we never had an ultrasound. And a perfect little girl is exactly what I got.

I tend to believe pretty heavily in intuition, but I’ve always secretly suspected I just got lucky. Now I’m not so sure.


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