Move Over Ricki: Homebirth has a New (Super) Spokesmodel

gisele-bundchen-homebirth-waterbirthLast month’s reports of Gisele Bundchen giving birth to baby Benjamin at a Boston area hospital turn out to have been greatly exaggerated. She indeed gave birth … to baby Benjamin … but she did it at home in her tub.

The supermodel revealed this particular detail in an interview on “Fantastico,” her country’s version of “60 Minutes.”

She told the interviewer that she had opted for homebirth with a midwife after watching Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein’s “The Business of Being Born,” a documentary about homebirth, hospital birth, midwives and the choices women sometimes have — and sometimes have to face — when bringing a baby into the world.

As the Boston Globe points out, homebirths are hardly the norm in Bundchen’s homeland, Brazil, which until recently has had the world’s highest c-section rate.

Here’s what Lake has to say about the latest celebrity to give homebirth a shot:

“It’s so great to hear that (Gisele) had a positive homebirth experience,” Lake told us yesterday. “Not only because it was at home and in water, but because it says a lot to girls who follow her.”

Some reports say Bundchen also used hypnobirthing techniques to stay calm and manage pain.

I have never been the least bit interested in Giselle Bundchen, ever, ever, ever … until now. Homebirth can always use another role model (errr, you know what I mean), and Bundchen is a great one. She’s skinny (none of this “too small for a vaginal birth”), rich (the higher the income the higher the risk for c-section) and from Brazil, where c-section has been normalized and is obviously preferred. She’s also not associated with armpit hair, macrobiotic diets and/or megalomania, which far too many people think has prerequisites for wanting to stay home to have a baby.

I’ve got two homebirths behind me (including one waterbirth, which, for the record, aren’t such a big deal — the tub is the epidural. Think of it as the epidural!) and once in awhile grow weary of defending it because it’s really not brave, it’s really not dangerous, it’s really  not wacky, it’s just what you do — what some of us (including Giselle-freaking-Bundchen!) do.

Size 12, Old Navy-sporting, disheveled me has never felt so connected to haute couture and the runway. Call me, Gi! Let’s trade birth stories!

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