Move Over Tavi: Meet Ophelia Horton, the New Teen Fashion Blogger

Meet Ophelia Horton

Tavi Gevinson – the fashion blogger who rose to fame at the young age of 13 – has some competition. Meet Ophelia Horton, the 12-year-old fashion blogger from England who sat in the front row during London’s Fashion Week, sees about 35,000 hits a month on her blog, and is getting plenty of media attention.  The young fashionista expresses herself and her style tips, likes, and loves on her blog Who’s That Girl.

Of her blog she wrote:

“This be the blog of feminist, photography and fashion maverick Ophelia Horton. An avid reader of Girl Guts and ROOKIE-mag [ed. that’s Tavi Gevinson‘s project], I love all sparkles and anything by Meadham Kirchhoff. I post about what I like. Here I’ll be your guide to being uber-awesome, brilliant, intriguing and inevitably, the majorly cool person you are already. Joking, half the time I have no idea what I’m on about :)”

In her personal life, this fashion maverick puts together outrageous fashion culled from store like Topshop, Urban Outfitters and her parents’ closets. “‘I’ve never really cared what people think,” she said of her style. “I like it when I am walking down the street and people point and whisper because I like being noticed. I don’t dress crazy just for the sake of it, this is how I express myself.”

Her parents are supportive of her blogging pursuits, as long as it doesn’t interfere with her straight As that is. “Before she started the blog, we were worried about her spending so much time on fashion sites, so I thought it was a really good focus for her,” her dad said. “She could turn her interest in fashion into something productive. She would do the computer time anyway — at least it’s not Facebook. She’s actually creating something.”

Personally, I really enjoy checking out that these mini-fashionistas have to say about style. They have a freshness and a originality that has not yet been completely formed or influenced by what “society” says is stylish. And there is no real competition between her and the before mentioned Tavi Gevinson; in the blog world it is the more the merrier. I myself would be delighted if my own daughter started a fashion blog. It’s one of her many passions and her youthful insights into what is stylish and what isn’t are fascinating to me, even though she can be quite opinionated about what her mommy wears.

Do you think that fashion blogging should be kept to the older set or do you like to see a kid’s perspective?

Photo Source: Who’s That Girl

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