Muwhahaha! 10 Prom Photos so Awful They’re Sure to Trigger the Awkward Alarm

Unfortunately for high schoolers, this is that time of year when awkward prom photos are taken every few seconds. Fortunately for the rest of us, this is that time of year when awkward prom photos are taken every few seconds.

The only thing worse than going to the prom — which has never lived up to the hype in the history of every prom ever — is having a photo by which to remember the evening. The saving grace, however, is getting to laugh at other people’s photos and imagining they had an even worse time than you did.

These are those photos (thanks, Awkward Family Photos!):

  • Awkward Prom Photos 1 of 11
    Awkward Prom Photos
    When good prom-photo intentions go hilariously bad.
  • To Over Dress or Under Dress? 2 of 11
    To Over Dress or Under Dress?
    That is the question.
    The answer, on the other hand, seems a bit obvious.
  • All in the Family 3 of 11
    All in the Family
    It's like kissing your sister.
    Actually, it is his sister.
  • Plenty of Fish 4 of 11
    Plenty of Fish
    At least getting her to pucker up at the end of the night won't be an issue.
  • Size Doesn’t Matter 5 of 11
    Size Doesn't Matter
    Either that, or it matters a lot.
  • The Don 6 of 11
    The Don
    Don Juan, Don Draper, Don Diego De La Vega, Don Giovanni, Donald Hollinger — no matter who he's modeling himself after, he's already a winner.
  • Pretty in Pink 7 of 11
    Pretty in Pink
    When "just peachy" met "just ducky."
  • Do the Locomotion 8 of 11
    Do the Locomotion
    Either that or the world's largest spoon-in.
  • Snow Patrol 9 of 11
    Snow Patrol
    Hereby rendering the dance's chaperones obsolete.
  • The Backpack 10 of 11
    The Backpack
    Complete with a waist strap.
  • Thumbelina 11 of 11
    Eat your heart out, Tom Thumb.

All photos used with permission from Awkward Family Photos

Feeling left out of the awkward conversation? Awkward yourself up and make your own awkward prom or other photo here

awkward prom photo
Picture yourself — awkwardly — here



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