My Favorite Photo Apps

I would never have dreamed that I would love taking pictures as much as I do these days, and I certainly would never have dreamed that my primary camera would be my cell phone. But I do. I take photos nearly every day, and nearly always with my cell phone.

Something I’m asked quite often is about my favorite photo apps. I’m no specialist in iPhonography like Schmutzie, but I certainly have the ones I use the most. So, in order of preference, here are my favorite iPhone photo apps!

1. This will shock no one, but far and away my favorite iPhone photo app is Instagram. 99% of my photos finish through this app, mostly because of it’s simple and easy uploading capabilities; I can easily send images directly to Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr with just a touch, and I love that. Plus I’m a huge fan of the filters and the way I can use them not only to create a look or feel to the photo, but I can also easily highlight what I want while fading out background noise. Alas, Instagram is still only available for iPhones.

2. CameraPlus. This awesome photo app has a lot of great features that help you edit the hell out of your photos before running them through Instagram. I’ve also heard that it takes better photos than the plain iPhone camera app, but I confess that for me the photos are blurry too often so I take them with the camera app first and then import into Camera+ for editing.

3. Photoshop Express. Another great app for doing some basic photo edits before filtering them through Instagram.

4. Pic Stich / Diptic. Both of these fun apps allow you to do mosaic photos in a huge variety of styles. I like Pic Stich slightly better but most people seem to prefer Diptic.

5. Facebook Cover Designer. This nifty app allows you to set up and take the ideal photo for your Facebook cover photo. With Timeline rolling out to everyone now, more folks are going to be wondering how to figure out the best way to take a cover photo. Also, it allows for a cheat; once you’ve taken a cover photo you can easily use it to determine the measurements of needed in another photo program.

So what are your favorites? Leave ’em in the comments!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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