My Husband and I Didnt Exchange Gifts This Christmas

This year my husband and I did not exchange gifts at least not tangible ones. Our initial decision was not to out of my desire to save money since I had not returned to work yet and because we also wanted to focus on the children. After all, aside from the true meaning of Christmas, for us it’s about them anyway.

I knew I wanted to do something for him but it wasn’t going to be something that was purchased. Christmas day as he finished getting dressed, my husband said having children is what really makes Christmas so fun. I immediately suggested that we have lots. Had pregnancy not been so hard for me both times I would have pursued this a little more aggressively but I am done with birthing babies although, we have discussed our desire to possibly adopt one day. I looked at him and smiled waiting for his response. And of course, he suggested we win the lottery and then discuss it further.

Earlier that morning, after we finished unwrapping gifts, our eight-year-old gleefully tearing off paper and offering to open up her four-month-old sister’s presents too, turned to me and said “I am sorry you don’t have any gifts Mommy.” I looked at her and smiled letting her know that I didn’t need any. She told me to “stay right there” and ran to her room. A few minutes later she brought me back a folded piece of paper with the words I love you written on it and a dollar taped inside. She told me I could go to The Dollar Tree (where everything is just one dollar) and pick out something for myself, such a sweet gesture from my Little Miss.

My gift, if I can call it that, to my husband was a coupon. I had written on a small card and placed it in a tiny envelope. It’s good for one date night because for the past couple of months all he has wanted was some time (out of the house) with just the two of us. My mother gladly agreed to watch the girls and today or tonight (I’ve got some pumping to do) we are going out.

Although I have struggled to leave my babies even for a little bit, I look forward to dressing up just a little and going out on a date with my husband. So perhaps I could say that instead of exchanging gifts we are sharing an experience together, a much needed one at that. As time passes it is the experiences that make our life richer no matter how much money we have or don’t have and it is the people who we have been blessed with to go through life with.

For my family and I yesterday was a beautiful day filled with laughter and love, my husband and I sweetly showing our affection for each other despite the lack of mistletoe in our house. And last night as we stood in front of my mother’s Christmas tree posing for our first family photo of the day, I couldn’t help but think about how blessed I was. The greatest gift I could ever receive was standing beside me and cradled in my arms, the greatest gift was given to me long before Christmas day and it is a gift that I will cherish all the days of my life. The greatest gift I have been given is my family.

I realize that I am blessed to have my children. I am blessed to have my marriage. My husband is right, children do make Christmas fun but I couldn’t help but think about the fact that one day our children will grow up and it is possible that they won’t always spend Christmas with us. One day it will be just the two of us and while I know we will miss our children terribly, I hope that we are even closer and still sweetly showing our love for one another sans the mistletoe. May we never forget just how rich we truly are.

Feeling ever so thankful for the gifts that keep on giving.


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