My Semi-Productive Work Day at the Coffee Shop

Once a month, the women from my moms group meet for coffee – without kids – after school dropoff in the morning.  Yesterday was the first time I was able to join them (yay!) since leaving my 9 to 5 last month.  I was psyched – not only would I get to socialize with some friends I hadn’t seen in ages, but I would also bring along my laptop and put in a full-day’s work, uninterrupted and not distracted by beckoning household chores.  I packed up my MacBook, my notebook and headed out to tackle the day.

Two and a half hours later…

My friends had chatted over coffee and so much time flew by that we also ended up laughing over lunch.  I did excuse myself briefly to take a work-related call in the middle, but jumped right back into the conversation, undeterred by the pile of work waiting for me.  Finally, the other ladies left to hit up Target or pick up kids from half-day school and at last it was time for me to get to work.


Since I was now a Party of One, I decided to find a new seat because I didn’t want hungry patrons coming in for the lunch rush to give me dirty looks for taking up a table for 4 by myself.  After missing out on two potential single-seaters by being too slow (it’s survival of the fittest in there!), I parked myself in an armchair by the window and, SCORE!, an outlet.  I sat down, plugged in, booted up and…realized I had to use the bathroom.  Sigh.  Made the quick decision not to trust the sketchy guy sitting next to me to watch my beloved laptop and packed it all up, left my coat on the chair and hit the Ladies room.

I finally got to work for a good 4 hours (after going through the bathroom procedure all over again), and decided to call it a day.  I headed home, threw in a load of laundry, got dinner started and the troops started flooding the gates.  I can’t really tell if my day working at Panera was more productive than my days at home.  But at least I got to take advantage of an excellent Chai tea latte and a killer Asian Chicken Salad, although I did come out the pocket $10.

Do you work better at home or at the coffee shop?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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