My Social Strand Creates Free Personalized Infographics

Love infographics? You know you do.

Mashable reports the non-profit organization, Be The Match has launched My Social Strand, an interactive website that creates personalized infographics from user’s Facebook profiles.

The idea behind My Social Strand is to highlight the qualities that make each of us unique while illustrating the ways in which we are all connected. As Be The Match is part of the National Bone Marrow Program, the site hopes to inspire visitors to get involved.

“Our hope is that in just a couple minutes of engagement, people will want to get involved,” a Be The Match spokesperson told Mashable. “We think this is a simple, quick way to get people involved without getting into the heavy science.”

I visited Be The Match to create my own personalized infographic:

And look! According to the infographic I have a 45% likelihood of surviving a zombiepocolypse based on the fact that I am selective with friends and am too busy. So true.

While on Be The Match, I decided to get involved. Just seeing my similarities to Erma, marrow donor and wife of transplant recipient inspired me to register but there’s no obligation to do so.

Click here to create your own personalized infographic to share with your peeps!

What do you think of Be the Match’s infographic? Will you be creating one?

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