My Top 5 Parenting Pet Peeves

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I gotta admit this photo is pretty cute.

I’m pretty laid back, I’ve been told. My philosophy really is live and let live and I rarely get involved in anyone’s business. The last thing I want is to be told how to raise my kids so I do not presume that anyone would want to hear the same from me.

But there are some things I see on a daily basis that drive me out of my mind, and I really wish parents would stop doing them!

What are your top parenting pet peeves? Share them with us in the comment section below!

  • Cold Babies 1 of 5
    Cold Babies
    I cannot stand seeing babies in strollers when it's 10 degrees out who have no gloves, hat or scarf on, yet are sitting stationary (and freezing), while mom is covered head to toe and running down the block, building up a sweat.
  • Kids Out Late At Night 2 of 5
    Kids Out Late At Night
    I detest seeing toddlers on the subway or out in the street at midnight. No, it's not a special occasion or a holiday where kids stay up late, it's just parents who don't care enough to let their incredibly tired toddlers sleep, so you see them hanging out alongside their kids. I saw a little girl on an F train last year around 1am, half asleep while her mother kept yelling at her to stay awake. Just horrible.
  • Parents That Speed In Front Of Schools 3 of 5
    Parents That Speed In Front Of Schools
    What's worse than moms and dads who drive like idiots near schools, don't give kids the right of way to cross the street, and talk on their cell phones while zooming up to the school door to drop off their kids?
  • Sick Kids At School 4 of 5
    Sick Kids At School
    For one, most kids are miserable when they have a fever or flu, and should be home resting and taking medicine. Secondly, they are spreading their sick germs like wildfire. And that only adds to the hideous chain of school illness that rears its ugly head every year around mid-September.
  • Chastising Infants 5 of 5
    Chastising Infants
    I was in line for a coffee yesterday when a mom in back of me said in a very demeaning tone, "Excuse me! What are you doing? You can not do that!" She spoke so loudly, that I (and many others) turned around to see what her child did, and that's when I realized she was talking to a baby who had to be two months old tops.

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