Naked In Front of the Someone Else's Kid?

hilary-swank-marie-claire-november-2009Hilary Swank has gotten a lot of flack since she told Marie Claire how much she loves her birthday suit. Especially wearing it in front of her boyfriend’s six-year-old son.

The actress says the kid doesn’t think about it, but it set off my ick radar.

Not because she’s naked in front of a kid per se, or even that she’s the opposite gender of the child in question, but the fact that it’s someone else’s kid.

Our daughter is four, and nudity is still a non-issue in our house. She runs around naked, and she pops into the bathroom while one parent or the other (yes, my husband included) is in the shower. When she’s sick, I even pop into the bath WITH her (and no, I’m not wearing a bathing suit – although I know a mom who does).

But I do draw the line on being naked in front of someone else’s kid – even one as young as her. During playdates, we have a closed-door policy on the bathroom. If my daughter came home with the story of seeing someone else’s daddy in the buff, I’d want a pretty good explanation.

With your own kids, its part of life to be naked. Living all under one roof – it’s going to happen at one point or another. It’s why we want our kid to be comfy with her body – and comfy being in the buff in the privacy of her own home.

Hit a certain age, and it’s no longer acceptable to be naked outside the confines of one’s own house – and in front of other (read non-related) people. Which means there’s no cause for it – no real reason to be naked in front of someone else’s child.

It bears mentioning that Swank is dropping trow in her own home, and the kid in question is actually living there and in a closer approximation of a child-parent relationship than a simple playdate. But I’m still going to say no on this one.

What do you think? Is it kosher or creepy?

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Via: Marie Claire

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