Naked Noggin: Mom Blogger to Shave Head In Support of Sister-in-Law With Breast Cancer

Rachel Kenyon is a writer, a mom, an army wife, and an advocate for military families dealing with autism. She’s also about to be bald.

Rachel is planning on shaving her head in an effort to support her sister-in-law, currently battling breast cancer, both emotionally and financially. She’s vowed to shave her head once she’s raised $1,000, and share photos and video of the “Naked Noggin Party” with the world.

I’ve come to know Rachel through her blog, Stim City, where she writes about parenting a daughter with autism and other special needs. Her relentless drive to advocate for her daughter, and other military families struggling with autism, has earned her the nickname “Honey Badger” among friends.

Rachel Kenyon, Honey Badger, speaking to television news reporters about the Caring for Military Kids with Autism Act. (Fine, we may have Photoshopped the "Honey Badger" part in.)

She has fearlessly hounded Congress and the Senate to push for better insurance coverage for military families with with autistic loved ones. She has written endlessly about the Caring for Military Kids with Autism Act, with pithy blog posts like OMG. If TRICARE Was Working, I’d Shut Up Already. There is no stopping this woman once she sets her sights on a cause.

“In support of my sister-in-law who is fighting breast cancer, please make a donation and I will GO NAKED FOR THE CAUSE!” Rachel writes on a separate blog dedicated to this project, Naked Noggin Fifty percent of the donations will go toward her sister-in-law’s medical expenses, and the other 50 percent  will go directly to Susan G. Komen For the Cure, Rachel said.

“My husband’s only sister had a mastectomy over the summer and recently began chemotherapy,” Rachel writes, “and now her hair is falling out.  She asked my husband to come to her house and shave her head for her.”

Rachel has decided to shave her own head, too, to show her sister-in-law how much she is loved and supported.

“Please join me in spreading breast cancer awareness and in making a difference in the life of someone very special to me and my family,” she writes, asking people to donate through a Paypal account.

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