10 Best Baby Names for Water Lovers

Whether you and your partner love swimming, scuba diving, or just hanging out by the beach, you might want to recognize this passion by giving your child a water-related name.

Over at Nameberry, they’ve come up with a list of baby names that are related to water.

I’ve perused their picks and come up with my own revised list.

10 Best Baby Names for Water Lovers:


1. Bay
2. Maya
3. Brook
4. Marina
5. Rain or Raina
6. Darya (‘sea’ in Persian)
7. Mira (‘ocean’ in Sanskrit)
8. Rana (Norse God of the sea)
9. Kendall (means “valley of the River Kent”)
10. Maris (“of the sea”)


1. River
2. Hudson
3. Kai (‘sea’ in Hawaiian)
4. Adrian (relates to Adriatic Sea)
5. Dylan (means “son of the sea” in Welsh)
6. Marlowe (“from the hill by the lake”)
7. Clifford (“rivers crossing the near the cliff”)
8. Bourne (“lives by a stream”)
9. Ford (“river crossing”)
10. Douglas (“dark water”)

Which of these “water names” do you like? Do you have any to add?


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