Nanny in the Clouds: Would You Hire an In-Flight Babysitter?

Nannies in the Sky

There are several things that fill us parents with dread, like changing a really dirty diaper, trying to calm your child during a tantrum and taking your baby on a plane. The first two I mentioned are things that you, as the parent, are usually destined to deal with. But now thanks to an ingenious new service taking your child on a long flight can be far less challenging (and they may be able to help you with the diapers and tantrums too). Enter Nanny in the Clouds.

This service works like this: you put in your flight information into the Nanny in the Sky database,  and if you happen to be in luck,  you’ll find a nanny who just happens to be booked on the same flight. For a $10 fee, you will be able to contact the nanny and privately negotiate rates and all details.  It’s pretty much a win-win situation. The parents get affordable help with their kids (since you’re not paying room and board for a nanny to actually do the full vacation with you), and the nanny gets to make some money while she is taking a usually non-profitable plane ride.

Nanny in the Clouds was started by a mother who had one of those “light bulb” moments while traveling with her 2-year-old son from Florida to Los Angeles. “My child didn’t want to sit still and he needed to be walked up and down the aisle 5,000 times,” Founder Julie Melnick, who was traveling solo with her son, told “It was just such a draining experience.” She saw a need and is trying to fill it. And the operative word is “trying.” Nanny in the Sky was launched in November, but a nanny /traveling family match has not been made yet. Melnick says she is adding more flexibility in the search to make match making easier.

Would you hire an “in-flight” baby sitter?

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