Narcissist or Psychopath: What Is Social Media Is Doing To Us?

what is social media doing to usAs more and more of us spend our days looking at a screen and obsessively checking social media sites, experts are beginning to worry about our mental health.  On the heels of much discussion about internet addiction (recently added to an appendix in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual), now comes some more dire news.

A new University of Michigan study claims to have found a link between narcissism and social media use. In the study, they found that college age kids post mostly to twitter with great frequency, while older adults usually post multiple times on Facebook.

However the study was unable to determine the chicken vs. the egg with social media as in, they are not sure if narcissists just love social media (duh) or if social media makes people narcissistic.

But the folks at Who Is Hosting This? ask an even bigger question has the internet made us psychopaths? Check out the infographic below. What do you think?

Is Social Media Turning Us Into Psychopaths? by Who Is Hosting This: The Blog





Article Posted 3 years Ago

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