NASA Shines Like a Star in Response to 7-Year-Old Requesting a Trip to Mars (PHOTOS)

Future Astronaut
Future Astronaut

There are few small children who don’t toy with the idea of pursuing a career as an astronaut. So many stars and planets to see, so little time.

Seven-year-old Dexter would like to be an astronaut. Specifically, he’d like to explore Mars. However, unlike Veruca Salt who wants an  Oompah Loompah now, Dexter gets that, at 7, it’ll be a while before he gets his shot. But that didn’t stop him from writing to NASA anyway and asking them to keep him in mind for future exploratory excursions.

Take a look at this letter to them — and their awesome response to him (both of which come from Reddit, although we first saw them on The Huffington Post):


Dexter's letter to NASA
Dexter’s letter to NASA
NASA's reply to Dexter
NASA’s reply to Dexter


Top photo credit: iStockphoto

Bottom photo credits: Imgur

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