National Day of Prayer: What Are Parents Praying For?

Today is National Day of Prayer, which was mandated by Congress in 1952. The day will be marked by many different religious groups at events across the nation, as well as by those who believe that the National Day of Prayer interferes with the separation of church and state.

On Twitter, “Today is National Day of Prayer” is a trending topic, with people praying for everything from “I pray my power bill doesn’t get drafted out of my bank account before my direct deposit goes through at 12am” (@WatchJ) to “take a moment to pray for our nation, our troops overseas, and our families” (@ChrisVrey, the Twitter handle of Chris V. Rey, former U.S. Army captain and recently-elected 34-year-old mayor of Spring Lake, NC).

So far my favorite tweet has been “Today is National Day of Prayer. Pffft. Bonjovi’s been living off them for years.” (@MrWordsWorth)

What are parents praying for? Here’s a sampling of what my friends on Facebook are saying they’re praying for:

  • A cure for Mitochondrial Disease.
  • That someone realizes standardized tests are a waste of time and money.
  • I am definitely praying for health and happiness for my family, and also praying for a friend who is going through a very rough time right now.
  • Grace.
  • I want to hear my child’s voice.
  • My husband at his new job.
  • Tolerance… For those people who are either stupid or lonely and always feel a need to comment in the negative about something that doesn’t concern them…. God grant me the serenity…
  • To actually be able to do a full-time job with a four hour daily commute (’cause I think I’m committed now).
  • For more people to truly know God – to know what it means to feel that peace every day no matter what, to hear His voice.
  • For more separation of church and state.
  • For Avery’s family.
  • Patience, peace, education to continue at current or better standards than today…but not worse.
  • For unity and tolerance. We have just GOT to stop looking at differences as being less than.
  • That we all be kind, show wisdom, live as if it were our last day, and to treat others as we wish to be treated!

As for me, I’m not a particularly religious person. But for National Day of Prayer, I’m praying that the people who care for our children to do so with kindness and gentle words instead of the horror I shared yesterday. I pray that children are safe in their schools and their homes.

I’m also praying for my school district, which is currently considering eliminating art, music, library, and physical education teachers at all of our elementary schools, and foreign language and technology teachers at our middle schools. I’m praying that the Board of Education will listen to the over 12,000 parents who have come together to ask the Board to look for other places to make cuts.

What are you praying for? Leave a note in the comments.

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