Time for Your Kid to Kick the Habit? Here’s How.

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12-Steps to Giving Up the Thumb

Who am I to judge your child if sucking her thumb makes her happy? Sure, there are the teeth issues, the germs, the notion that it’s a gateway to other uncontrollable dependencies like alcohol, drugs or 100-calorie snack bags of crackers and cookies. But braces are practically inevitable, eating boogers also invites viruses. And a thumb? Neither impairs one’s driving nor contributes to childhood obesity.

Still, if you’re wanting your child to give up the thumb, there’s a book (and a Facebook page!) that you might like (and “like”!). Thumb Love, by Elise Primavera (New York Times bestselling author of Auntie Claus) goes on sale today.

Thumb Love, a picture book for the 4-8 set, follows Lulu and her attempts to give up thumb-sucking. She puts herself on a 12-step program in the hopes of no longer being a baby and avoiding beaver teeth.

Think a book will help your thumb-sucker break her habit? Are we too quick to tell kids their attempts to self-comfort are wrong?

In any case, happy (or is it bittersweet?) National Stop Sucking Your Thumb Day!

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