Nationwide, Principals Crack Down on Risque Prom Wear

As celebrities wear shorter, barer, sexier gowns for awards shows, it’s no wonder that girls are looking for the same styles in prom gowns. In response, principals across the nation are cracking down on what students will be allowed to wear for prom.

Some schools have created detailed PowerPoint presentations for their websites, giving examples of what will get students turned away at the door on prom night. Although most of the dress codes focus on girls’ attire, boys aren’t left out. Most dress codes prohibit boys from wearing jeans, baggy pants, or sneakers. One dress code specifies that boys need to keep their shirts on all night with the line, “We don’t care that you work out–keep your shirt on!”

Below are samples from the prom dress codes at Sunnyvale High School in Sunnyvale, TX; Southmoore High School in Moore, OK; and  West Laurens High School in Dexter, GA.

Is your son or daughter going to prom this year, and do they have a dress code? Do you agree with these examples?


  • No sideboob 1 of 17
    No sideboob
    Sunnyvale High School points out that the bustline goes all the way around the body.
    (Photo Credit: Sunnyvale ISD)
  • No plunging necklines 2 of 17
    No plunging necklines
    These examples show too much cleavage.
    (Photo Credit: Sunnyvale ISD)
  • Not too short 3 of 17
    Not too short
    Yes, some principals will be bringing a ruler to prom.
    (Photo Credit: Sunnyvale ISD)
  • Not too backless 4 of 17
    Not too backless
    Assuming you're not battling backne (back acne), backless dresses are a hugely popular style. This dress codes states that the back can't dip farther than the navel.
    (Photo Credit: Sunnyvale ISD)
  • No rear cleavage 5 of 17
    No rear cleavage
    Perhaps these young ladies need the ""Backtacular" cover-up sticker.
    (Photo Credit: Sunnyvale ISD)
  • Please cover your midriff 6 of 17
    Please cover your midriff
    Midriff-baring styles are a big "no" for most prom dress codes.
    (Photo Credit: Sunnyvale ISD)
  • No cut-outs 7 of 17
    No cut-outs
    Peek-a-boo, keyhole, and cut-out styles might get you turned away at the door.
    (Photo Credit: Sunnyvale ISD)
  • Slits: You are not J. Lo, and this is not an awards show 8 of 17
    Slits: You are not J. Lo, and this is not an awards show
    Super-high slits may look great at the Grammy Awards, but schools are saying they're not appropriate for prom.
    (Photo Credit: Sunnyvale ISD)
  • OMG! Is that Angelina Jolie’s right leg? 9 of 17
    OMG! Is that Angelina Jolie's right leg?
    Sure, Angie's right leg became a huge Internet meme after the last Academy Awards. But striking that pose all night at prom is going to make it hard to dance.
    (Photo Credit: Sunnyvale ISD)
  • Guys: We’re not forgetting about you 10 of 17
    Guys: We're not forgetting about you
    Southmoore High School keeps things light and humorous while still getting the point across clearly: "We don't care that you work out--keep your shirt on!"
    (Photo Credit: Southmoore High School)
  • How short is too short? 11 of 17
    How short is too short?
    Prom dress codes specify anything from "mid-thigh" or "fingertip length" to the more specific "no higher than 3 inches above the knee."
    (Photo Credit: Southmoore High School)
  • Peek-a-boo! I see you! (And your cleavage.) 12 of 17
    Peek-a-boo! I see you! (And your cleavage.)
    Another high school's example of unacceptable "peek-a-boo" or keyhole style cut-outs.
    (Photo Credit: Southmoore High School)
  • Another take on backless 13 of 17
    Another take on backless
    This school's prom dress code states that backless dresses can't go past the natural waistline.
    (Photo Credit: Southmoore High School)
  • Keep your sides covered, too 14 of 17
    Keep your sides covered, too
    All of the dress codes I looked at covered all their bases, so to speak.
    (Photo Credit: West Laurens High School)
  • Dancing With The Stars, anyone? 15 of 17
    Dancing With The Stars, anyone?
    The racy ballgowns featured on Dancing With The Stars are having an impact on prom dresses. I'm pretty sure your date isn't Maks, so let's skip it.
    (Photo Credit: West Laurens High School)
  • Feel free to *not* keep up with the Kardashians 16 of 17
    Feel free to *not* keep up with the Kardashians
    The dress on the left here looks very Kim Kardashian, doesn't it? I really don't blame girls for wanting to wear any of these dresses. Our daughters are bombarded with images of celebrities in super-sexy clothes. How can they not want to look like the stars?
    (Photo Credit: West Laurens High School)
  • Say yes to the (appropriate) dress 17 of 17
    Say yes to the (appropriate) dress
    All of the high school prom dress codes I looked at included tons of photos of dresses that were found to be completely acceptable. They also all emphasized that girls still had plenty of freedom to choose gowns that were stylish and just as unique as they are.
    (Photo Credit: West Laurens High School)

(via Wall Street Journal)

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