Naughty, Naughty Elves: 10 Elf-Shaming Photos That Will Put Your Kids on the ‘Nice List’ by Default

Elf on the shelf
Tsk tsk

Your children aren’t nearly the naughtiest creatures in your home this Christmastime.

Maybe it’s something in the water up there in the North Pole. Maybe it’s because there’s less oxygen at higher altitudes. Or maybe they’re just cooped up for 11 months a year, and when they’re unleashed in your homes for all of December purportedly to keep track of your children, they know their merry-making hours are numbered.

Whatever the reason, there are some seriously naughty elves out there who have much to be ashamed of. is keeping track of the naughtiest ones and has given Babble a sneak peak at some Elves on the Shelves that most deserve a time-out (and then some). Take a look:

  • Perverse Elf 1 of 10
    Perverse Elf
    It wasn't just getting into the game closet that was wrong.
  • Raunchy Elf 2 of 10
    Raunchy Elf
    Strip Scrabble.
  • Wayward Elf 3 of 10
    Wayward Elf
    Always remember there's more than lights that can be strung up on that line.
  • Mischievous Elf 4 of 10
    Mischievous Elf
    What a pal.
  • Sinful Elves 5 of 10
    Sinful Elves
    Is that how Mrs. Claus is raising them?
  • Willful Elf 6 of 10
    Willful Elf
    50 shades of crimson.
  • Rowdy Elf 7 of 10
    Rowdy Elf
    Hot tubs are always worth it.
  • Impish Elf 8 of 10
    Impish Elf
    Thanks for nothing.
  • Rascally Elf 9 of 10
    Rascally Elf
    In case you weren't feeling fat enough after last night's office party.
  • Insubordinate Elf 10 of 10
    Insubordinate Elf
    Because Christmas shopping isn't stressful enough.

All photos used with permission from Kim Bongiorno at


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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