Need to Escape a Bad Date? There's an App for That

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He looked pretty good by his profile. He enjoys long walks on the beach, loves dogs, has good teeth, and doesn’t live with mom. By all accounts he was worth a leg shave and a first date.

You meet at a restaurant, crouch into a booth, when BOOM! He reveals he’s a Scientologist before the fried mozzarella arrives. CHECK PLEASE! But you don’t ask for the check because you don’t want to be rude. Stupid niceties.

What do you do? Excuse yourself to the ladies restroom and escape like ninja Katie Holmes? Stammer through a health emergency? Or do you rely on your phone, the very device you rely on from everything from bank transfers to your connection to the outside world. The answer is always phone.

Reuters reports thanks to the good people at eHarmony, you can now escape the clenches of bad date hell with the Bad Date Rescue app.

According to iTunes product description, “[The Bad Date Rescue app] allows users to “fake” an incoming call to their iPhone in order to break up a bad date. You can either schedule the call or prompt a call to your phone in 3 seconds, 1 minute or 5 minutes, then it’s Bad Date Rescue to the rescue!” What’s even better, the app is all kinds of sneakilicious in an effort to spare feelings (and Scientology followings, obviously).

App users can arrange their rescue using a contact in their address book, such as a parent or boss. The contact’s picture is even stored in the app so it appears on your phone when the fake call comes through. Hello, genius. Reuters reports there are even scripts available offering reasons for the call because you suck at lying at the Bad Date Rescue app totally gets you.

Whether you choose to set a rescue alarm prior to the start of your date or decide to hit the rescue panic button before ordering drinks, the escape options are yours for the taking with this free app. Hell yeah the app is free because you can’t put a price on freedom, y’all.

Would you use the Bad Date Rescue app?

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