Neighborhood Kids Protect Heidi Klum from the Paparazzi

klumOne nice consequence of New Yorkers’ commitment to anonymity is that they’re not likely to get embarrassingly, loudly starry-eyed around celebrities. I was once on a subway car with Uma Thurman and you could have heard a pin drop; only once she got off did the car erupt in exclamations.

Still, giving celebrities privacy on the subway and encouraging your kids to lob water balloons at photographers are two very different things. Recently, Heidi Klum took her kids out to play in a West Village park. Not surprisingly, paparazzi soon showed up, snapping photographs from just outside the park.

Other parents playing in the park with their kids got pissed at the disruption and asked the photographers to leave. When they refused—they were, after all, in the legal rights—some parents encouraged their kids to chuck water balloons at the cameramen. Clearly thinking this was the best day of their lives, the youngsters enthusiastically obliged, sending the photogs—and Klum’s clan—packing.

Not only am I wary of encouraging kids to attack strangers with water balloons, but I’m not sure that a balloon fight with the paps was exactly the best way to help keep Klum’s outing on the down low.

“It wasn’t right,” says one parent who was there, “and I told my kid that’s not how we deal with things. But, honestly, I’m kind of glad it happened.”

“It” being his child chucking water balloons at strangers—or Heidi Klum in the flesh, chilling in the neighborhood park?


Article Posted 7 years Ago

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