Nelson Mandela: His 10 Best and Most Inspirational Quotes

Nelson Mandela has been on the minds of the world this week.  The 94-year-old Mandela, who is not just a nationally recognized icon but who is considered to be the “founding father of South Africa’s multiracial democracy” has been in the hospital since June 8th for a lung infection.

Nelson Mandela, who at this time is still in critical condition,  has made quite an impact on the world, and when he does leave this mortal coil he will leave a lasting legacy through his actions, life and words. And his words are ones to live by. Here are ten of his best quotes, timeless nuggets of wisdom from one of the world’s most important and beloved figures.

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  • Education 2 of 11

    Nelson Mandela on the importance - and the power - of eduction.

    Source: Washington Post

  • Impossible? 3 of 11

    Very true, and a good reason to keep going at it, whatever it is.

  • Be Optimistic 4 of 11

    A beautiful quote about being optimistic, words for us all to live by.

    Source: GoodReads

  • Taught To Love 5 of 11

    We should all be taught to love, being taught to hate should be outlawed.

    Source: Washington Post

  • Hills 6 of 11

    Life is full of challenges, and there is always a new mountain to climb.

    Source: Biography

  • Fall 7 of 11

    A good reminder to just keep getting up.

    Source: Good Reads

  • Changes 8 of 11

    We all evolve, change and grow and sometimes you never realize it until you return to the past.


  • Work with Enemies 9 of 11

    Sometimes partners start as enemies, but a friendship and partnership may form.

    Source: Biography

  • Courage 10 of 11

    Also try to conquer your fears, that is where the power comes.

    Source: Yahoo Voices

  • Chains 11 of 11

    Don't just be free, but respect all other and their freedoms.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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