New BMW Ads Make Parents Think Twice About Texting While Driving

BMW is launching a new series of ads designed to shock parents into putting down that phone while driving. The commercials show hovering parents doing things to protect their kids. A father puts floaties on his baby’s arms before bathing him in a couple inches of water. A parent straps pads on her child and inserts a mouth guard before letting her skate down the sidewalk, and a mom slathers her daughter in hand sanitizer as she drops her off for school.

Yet, these same parents, who would go over and beyond to protect their most precious possessions, are then seen texting and driving with that same precious cargo in the back seat. The print ads are much the same – a picture of a parent texting while her cell phone blocks the view of a child running after a ball in the street.

The new ads address the growing problem of distracted driving. According to the National Safety Council, 100,000 car crashes have been tied to texting and driving each year. An additional 1.2 million accidents involve other cell phone use annually. Yet, despite knowing these numbers, people continue to text and drive. Why can’t Americans seem to break away from technology long enough to reach their destinations safely? Do you think these new ads will jolt parents into realizing just how dangerous texting and driving is? Making parents realize the result of texting and driving could very well be injury or death to their babies sure puts the dangers into context that we can understand.

I’m a careful driver. I always come to complete stops even if no one’s around. I don’t tailgate. I always use my signals. I’m defensive. However, I hate to admit, I have texted a few times in the past while driving. That is, until I realized that I have teens who are going to be driving soon. I don’t want them learning any bad habits from me. Now the phone gets put away when I get behind the wheel. So, it was essentially my concern for my kids that made me stop texting entirely. Because parents want to do whatever they possibly can to protect their children and teach them right from wrong, I think these ads will be effective in making parents think twice before picking up that phone. What do you think? Do you text and drive? What will it take to get you to stop?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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