New Company Vets Strange Baby Names

suri-cruise-strange-baby-names-translated-even-strangerYou’d think people who want to give their kids unusual names wouldn’t really care about what Zuma or Suri or Nahla mean. You’d think!

But Today Translation is hoping some people will care enough to shell out $1,700 to be reassured that they are not giving their kids weird names in any language other than English.

Hollywood’s done pretty well balancing obsessive originality with the world’s languages, though the service did find a few red flags regarding everybody’s favorite mini-Scientologist.

Apparently “suri” is how you say “horse mackerels” in Italian and “pickpocket” in Japanese. I think the Cruises can rest easy another night. (But not their estranged friends, the Beckhams! Their son Cruz’s name means “withers” in Spanish. If only I knew what withers were, I’d totally make fun of him next time we’re all in Cabos.)

Of course Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are surely feeling smug. Celebrity-watchers collectively cringed at the announcement of the birth of their second son, Zuma. Yet it means “peace” in Arabic, “new day” in some Mayan languages and “running horse” in Japanese.

Now if only this service would have been around for Nicole Richie and Joel Madden. They would have know that in English “Sparrow” means … oh, wait.

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