New Pregnancy App From Mayo Clinic

New Pregnancy App From Mayo Clinic
What’s your favorite pregnancy app?

How many apps do you have on your phone? If you’re like most people, you have a bunch, and probably more than you need. While helpful apps such as ones that tell when the next train is coming or the sale items in your favorite store, many other apps are frivolous and just plain fun. Meme generator, anyone?

In the everlasting search of both pregnancy information and fun, the Mayo clinic just unveiled a new app that every expectant couple needs: a pregnancy app called Mayo Clinic on Pregnancy. The app was created to help couples from conception to 12-weeks post-pregnancy.

Dr. Roger Harms, a Mayo Clinic specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, and senior medical director for operations in Mayo Clinic’s Global Business Solutions division, says this app is all inclusive:

“Getting pregnant and becoming a parent are among the most significant experiences in a person’s life and can be overwhelming. This app will guide you from conception to delivery, and see you through the first three months with your newborn to give you peace of mind and enhance your sense of wonder throughout the experience.”

Available for desktop/laptop and tablet users on the Windows 8 platform, the app  features:

 How a woman body changes throughout pregnancy, how the baby is developing, ways to relieve pregnancy symptoms and what to expect during labor and delivery.

Insight into vaccine safety, medications that are safe during pregnancy and the benefits of prenatal vitamins.

How to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy and ways for couples to stay connected.

What women can and cannot eat during pregnancy.

What to expect at prenatal appointments, screenings and tests.

Images of exercises to what a diaper rash looks like.

Recovering from labor, exercise after pregnancy.

How to handle everything from spitting up to soothing a crying baby to feeding a newborn.

Of course, this newest pregnancy is just one of many. Check out our top 25 picks for pregnancy apps, including our own Babble pregnancy  app 

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