New Starbucks Logo Is Angering Loyal Customers

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Does changing this old logo upset you?

It looks like the powers that be over at Starbucks decided to change their logo. The original logo (left) that has been in effect for 40 years featured a half-human female siren in the interior circle of a larger sphere. The outer circle housed the words “Starbucks Coffee.” Fonts and shots of the siren may have been updated over the years, but basically the same photo and words always remained.

The new logo has no words. That’s it. Same photo, same circle, but no text. They lost the “Starbucks Coffee.” Consequently, there are many angry people upset over the logo change.

If there was not such a buzz about it, I probably would have never noticed. But you know who would? My kids.

Kids notice everything. Sometimes changing very small things like the look of a toy or the color of a cereal box sets kids off. It throws their familiarity out the window and upsets their sense of security.

I have been in the supermarket with my kids enough times to see them react when they realize a favorite brand has changed logos. Their eyes would immediately inspect the box in question, and they would wonder why their beloved snack went and changed on them. They felt betrayed.

Could this be what moms and dads are thinking about Starbucks? Click here to see new logo.

The company offered an explanation that made sense:

“Even though we have been, and always will be, a coffee company and retailer, it’s possible we’ll have other products with our name on it and no coffee in it,” Chief Executive Howard Schultz explained on a webcast.

Yet there is still outrage over the logo change. I can’t fathom why. The coffee will taste the same, it will still be waiting there for everyone who goes to Starbucks, and if they don’t look at the coffee cup, then nothing will have changed much.

My kids after listening to my explanation about how the food or drink will taste the same and how the packaging is just different usually chose one of two scenarios. They would either agree with me and life would go on, or they would immediately make up their mind to not like that product anymore. Of course, this would all depend on how much they valued the product. After all, kids are very visual but also fickle.

I bet the Starbucks marketing team is hoping their customers are not the same.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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