New Study Reaffirms Why I Think You’re Nuts If You Let Your Kids Anywhere Near a Public Pool

What do YOU think he’s doing? Yep. Me, too.

Go ahead and hand it over to me right now: The Worst Mom of the Year Award, that is.

I will not go swimming with my children in a public pool. I literally can’t bring myself to do it. Some people are deathly afraid of heights. To others, there is nothing scarier than snakes or spiders. Me? I’d rather dip my toothbrush into the toilet bowl before applying toothpaste and scrubbing my teeth with it than step foot in a public pool. P.S.? It’s kind of the same thing, anyway.

Scientists from China Agricultural University and Purdue University wrote in the journal Environmental Science & Technology that “urinating in swimming pools can lead to health problems,” according to the Daily Mail.

Ya think?

Something about the compounds in pee combined with chlorine “can cause chemicals that have been linked to respiratory effects in swimmers to form.”

If swimmers avoided urinating in pools, then air and water quality would likely improve independent of other changes in water treatment or air circulation,” the scientists said.

Sure, tell that to every little kid who ever jumps in the deep end.

My kids do take swim lessons. They do go swimming. In public pools. Just not with me. I can’t get into a pool unless it’s at someone’s house who I know, and know well. Sure, people pee in private pools as well as public pools, but I trust people I know more to hopefully do the right thing.

There’s one public pool near where I live that has an hourly “safety break” in the summertime where all kids have to get out of the water for 10 minutes purportedly to give them a break. But really? The lifeguards walk around and inspect the pool for poop. One time when I was in that pool I had to tread water away from (try not to gag) a bloody booger). Another local public pool shuts down from time to time for what’s known as Code Browns. I’ll let you guess why.

I can’t even so much as touch my children after they exit a public pool without gagging until they’ve rinsed off and showered. I know chlorine is supposed to kill the ick, but apparently it doesn’t, according to this study.

I’ll do everything I can to ensure my children are safe in water. If they were drowning in a public pool I’d jump in to save them. I’d just have to remove my entire layer of skin afterwards and soak in a vat of Purell for a week after before feeling as if I could live with myself.

Call me a snob. Call me unreasonable. Plenty of people don’t have anywhere to swim but in public pools. But whatever you call me, you won’t call me while I’m swimming in a pool with strangers, because I simply won’t be there.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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