New Study Reveals the Truth About Parents in the Bedroom

OK, so last week I told you sex was a bone of contention in my marriage (holy pun!). It’s not like we fight about sex every day, but we do have an ongoing debate about how often parents are actually getting busy. He swears 3-4 times a week is average. I swear he crazy.

C’mon, we’re married. With kids. And jobs. And we’re closer to 40 than 30. And we’re I’m tired. No parent I know is knockin’ boots 3-4 a week; they’re watching America’s Got Talent and arguing over whose turn it is to pick up dog poop in the backyard.

My married with children friends swear they do it about 1½ times a week, twice if they’re lucky and wine is involved. This is where Trojan condoms come in. Aside from all the good work they do preventing unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, they dared to voyeur into the bedrooms of Americans with their annual “Trojan Charged Sex Life” sex study. Check out the results of their study and see how your bedroom habits compare after the jump!

Let’s start with parents and sex. According to the survey, parents who’ve been in committed relationships for over 10 years are having less sex than those in relationships for nine years or less. My libido was thinking the decline of sexual frequency would happen somewhere around the birth of the first child; huh.

That said, 2012 has started off with a bang as Americans are having more sex (151 times a year / 2.9 times a week) compared to 2011 (120 times a year / 2.3 times a week). But hold up, the study found that more sex doesn’t equate to higher satisfaction (whomp, whomp). In fact, there’s been a 9 percent decrease in sexual satisfaction since last year. I can’t help but wonder what changed. Could it be our sexual expectations? Is Christian Grey somehow to blame? While my husband was almost right about average sexual frequency (2.9 times a week), maybe 2011 had it right. Perhaps sexual satisfaction has more to do with quality than quantity.

With nearly 81 percent of Americans looking to jazz up their sex lives, parents with kids at home are keeping things spicy in a variety of ways. More than half of parent respondents admitted they engage in spontaneous sex, while 41 percent talk dirty to their partner. And that’s not all, 34 percent of parents use vibrators, and 45 percent enjoy having sex outside the bedroom. And with that I’ll never look at my married friends’ couch the same way; thanks Trojan.

While sexual satisfaction may be on the decline, married folks reported being more satisfied with their sex lives (71 percent) than those who were unmarried (62 percent). Before we go congratulating our married selves for increased sexual satisfaction, we should know that age negatively impacts sexual desire. Seniors reported having sex 62 times a year to a 53 percent satisfaction rate (compared to 151 times a year and a 76 percent satisfaction rate for Millennials).

But seriously, doesn’t 2.9 times a week seem pretty high?

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