New ‘Superformula’ Helps Transform Pediatric Cancer Patients Into Pediatric Superheroes

Whatever it takes

It’s hard to imagine there’s anything scarier to a small child than facing a battle against cancer. For adults helping little ones in their fight against a potentially deadly disease, any coping means is worth exploring.

The A.C. Carmago Cancer Center in São Paulo, Brazil, is doing their best to help kids with cancer put on a brave face. Actually, they’re doing better than their best — they’re conjuring up superhuman strength to help these kids get through the fight of their lives.

According to Yahoo Health, the hospital and their ad agency are working together to give these children every possibly bit of ammunition to ward off the disease by empowering them with the powers of a superhero. With the help of Warner Bros. and artists from DC Comics, comic books are being created wherein members of the Justice League of America all do battle with life-threatening ordeals similar to those suffered by kids with cancer. And as kids with cancer, the superheros gain their strength back with a “super serum” that is administered intravenously.

“Medical grade plastic coverings that disguise the children’s chemotherapy bags to look just like the formulas that nursed the Justice League members back to health are available to each child in the hospital,” Brian Krans from Yahoo Health writes.

The game room in the children’s ward has also been decorated to look like the Hall of Justice with the patient’s names listed as honorary members.

The result has been impressive, with kids actually clamoring for chemo in an effort to live strongly like Batman or the Green Lantern. A nurse for the program said it is helping kids understand there is magic in their treatment, even if it makes them feel sick.

Unfortunately, at the moment there are no plans to expand the superhero program outside of Brazil.


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