New Trend: Luxury Strollers That Cost $1,600! (Video)

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Luxury strollers are the in thing

The hottest trend in baby strollers? Those of the luxury variety, with moms even getting on waitlists for strollers that cost $1,600 or more.


The Bugaboo Donkey is one of the hottest strollers around, but it’s cheap compared to Kid Kustoms’ Roddler, which weighs in at a whopping $4,500.

Uppababy’s VISTA is slightly more reasonable, at $679.99, but seriously, why are people paying this much for strollers?

Because they can. They may claim the features, easy folding, and reliability as the reasons for their justification, but these high end strollers are as much a fashion and status statement as anything.

Bugaboo is dubbed “the Prada of the pavement” and was featured on an episode of “Sex and the City.” After the episode aired, there was a waitlist of folks wanting it… and the rest is history.

It doesn’t hurt that celebs like Rachel Zoe, Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwen Stefani, Jeniifer Garner and Hugh Jackman have been spotted with Bugaboos.

High-end strollers do hold their resale value and reportedly outlast any of the economy variety of strollers.

So there’s that.

Moms at a “stroller-cise” class (yes, that’s a real thing) in NYC were asked about their investment in the pricey strollers, with one mom noting, “I think people are impressed by it… Because I think the mom is happy and the baby is happy.”

Another mom added, “I do think it is a luxury item though, it is a luxury stroller. I think it is for people who money is less of an issue and they are looking for something with style because it is sort of a statement piece.”

A statement piece that you push your kid around in. Huh.

Would you shell out $1,600 or more for the hottest stroller in town?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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