New Velveeta Ads Turn Processed Cheese into Liquid (and Comedy) "Goooooold"

"Seems the drive-though is closed tonight!"

I adore Velveeta’s new ad campaign featuring an olde English blacksmith who implores mothers to “reject cold technological contraptions” in favor of using their (gasp!) stoves to cook dinner. The campaign, which features a swarthy blacksmith and clever facebook element, hath been wrought (sorry, I’ve been hanging with the ‘smith too much) by the same agency that brought us the shirtless Old Spice Man YouTube sensation.

The blacksmith, speaking like a Shakespearean actor of the finest ilk, “honors the craftsmanship of a well-forged dinner” and approaches the women in the ads as a true believer trying to proselytize them to the wonders of “liquid gold.” His delivery of that line, followed by a resounding “Yes!” is priceless. Unlike the Old Spice Man, the blacksmith doesn’t play on sexual tension, actually “he is so sincere that he almost feels a little awkward”, says Kenneth Smith, the account head from agency Wieden & Kennedy.

Dinner is a touchy subject for many moms, especially working ones, because there is rarely enough time to make the healthy meals that we know are best for our families. We all do what we can and preparing dinners with the help of pre-packaged products has become common-place. Velveeta’s brand manager, Adam Grablick, in an interview with the New York Times, says the ads will resonate with the consumer who “doesn’t want to be slaving away in the kitchen, but she may not feel great about just pulling something out of the freezer and putting it in the microwave.”


Forging dinner with smoldering eyes.

While I appreciate the sentiment they are responding to, I’m not sure it can get me over the hump of Velveeta, one of the most notorious processed foods on American shelves, being the main ingredient. Even when dubbed “Liquid Gooooo0ld,” it is still a heavily processed pasteurized cheese product with too much sodium, just a few steps up from Cheez Whiz, right?

Of course, if “smiting” fresh broccoli* with Velveeta sauce makes my kids eat their vegetables? I might turn into a believer.

Would you give Velveeta Cheesy Skillets a try based on the merit of their ad campaign? Do you depend on some form of packaged food to get through the dinner prep at your house? Or can you say honestly that you shun processed food in every form?


*The Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Chicken and Broccoli comes with a packet of dehydrated broccoli bits. I would personally add fresh broccoli to it if I were to make it.

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