New Year’s: Do you kiss at midnight?

Ah yes, the coveted New Year’s kiss. It has made an appearance in countless movies, is the topic in numerous articles, and chances are, it’s something you’ve partaken in at least once in your life.

As an adolescent the New Year’s kiss seemed magical. A moment where you lock eyes with Mr. Handsome and right as the clock hits midnight your glossy lips meet his. At the same time, confetti falls from the sky and you, all dressed up in your finest sparkly attire have experienced a moment made in cinema heaven.

The reality is I’ve never experienced a New Year’s kiss quite like the ones I dreamed of in my younger days. Instead, my kisses were exchanged with my daughter, me awakening her from her sleep to hug, squeeze and kiss her. Later they were also exchanged with my fiancé who became my husband, always from the church pew (we’ve always rang in New Year’s at church) and never exactly at midnight.

It is possible that I will never kiss under a disco ball as confetti flutters through the room. I may never be decked out in all that glitters either but, what I have come to find is that no matter where I am, a kiss shared with the one(s) I love is just as magical, even if it doesn’t take place until 12:01 a.m.

Recently, I read an article by Your Tango that explained why we kiss on New Year’s. It isn’t just because it makes for a good story line either. According to Your Tango, the tradition, one that stems from German and English folklore, indicates that the first person you encounter and how it goes “sets the tone for the rest of the year.” Essentially, a midnight kiss is a way of strengthening your connection thus benefiting the future of your relationship. While I don’t think a New Year’s kiss will make or break your relationship, I understand the idea of wanting to start off the New Year on a high note. That said, a “high note” could mean different things for different people.

At 28 years old as romantic as it sounds and looks (thanks to movies like New Year’s Eve and When Harry Met Sally), that midnight kiss isn’t on my radar the way it once was. Instead, my focus is on bringing in the new year with my husband and our girls. My plan is to wear some lip gloss of course, and maybe a sparkly accessory or two, but that’s about it. Five minutes before midnight I will probably be thinking about where we will stop to eat on the way home because something about New Year’s Eve always makes me hungry. Another reason to indulge in sweets? Yes please!

That said, although a midnight kiss isn’t on my must have list should my husband be so inclined to lean over I’ll happily oblige him. By 12:01 a.m. I will have showered our little ones with hugs and kisses and it is likely that I will have smiled for at least 60 seconds straight. Moreover, I will be filled with excitement because I get another chance to live and love and continue our journey which will possibly entail the four of us, sitting side by side counting down to the new year all over again come December 31, 2013.

Until then, we will be living one day and kiss at a time.

Now it’s your turn to kiss and tell. Do you kiss at midnight on New Year’s?  

Happy New Year! Whether you plan to smooch your way into 2013 or not, may the start of your year be filled with love and happiness and may it be an indication of the good things that are to come!


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