New York Street Photographer Captures Children of Iran

HONY in Iran.
HONY in Iran.

Brandon Stanton, the photographer behind the terrific blog Humans of New York, has been quite busy in the last year. When I first wrote about his work last April, he had a fraction of the enormous following that he has now. As of today, the HONY Facebook page has 593,969 followers, many of whom rushed to defend Stanton when DKNY stole his photos for a window display in Bangkok. Stanton proved his humanitarian nature when he turned the theft into an opportunity to raise $100,000 so Brooklyn kids can attend summer camp.

But Stanton did another quite amazing thing recently that may have been a bit overlooked by his fans. He took a trip to Iran and did what American tourists are not supposed to do: take photos. Stanton notes, “The US Government advises against all travel to Iran, and especially warns against photography.” He says, “I traveled to Iran without knowing if I’d be able to achieve anything resembling my work in NYC.” Not only did Stanton take portraits on par with his NYC series, he may have outdone himself. Here’s a sampling of his Iran portraits, most of them focusing on the lives of Iranian children. They’re incredible:

  • Swing 1 of 20
    Shiraz, Iran
  • Girl in Green 2 of 20
    Girl in Green
    Shiraz, Iran
  • Tour Guide 3 of 20
    Tour Guide
    "Mahmoud was my driver during my time in Shiraz. Perhaps the most colorful man I've ever met. He speaks English in simple phrases, which always involve his name, such as "Mahmoud happy" or "Mahmoud love." Often he just says "Mahmoud," then points at me, and places his hands over his heart."
  • Wealthy Young Woman 4 of 20
    Wealthy Young Woman
    Isfahan, Iran
  • Herder with His Dog 5 of 20
    Herder with His Dog
    Sepidan, Iran
  • SpongeBob 6 of 20
    Isfahan, Iran. Brandon says American culture is celebrated by the people of Iran. "Americans are especially loved. This was noted in every travel account that I read, and I can confirm the fact. You will be smiled at, waved at, invited to meals, and asked to deliver personal messages to Jennifer Lopez. American music, movies, and media are thoroughly consumed by the people of Iran. Like all countries, there are many different viewpoints, but the vast majority of people will associate you with a culture they admire and respect."
  • Laughing 7 of 20
    Unknown location, Iran
  • Kids’ Clothes 8 of 20
    Kids' Clothes
    Brandon says, "Iran may have the brightest, most colorfully dressed children in the world." The contrast here is incredible.
  • Fruit Seller 9 of 20
    Fruit Seller
    Abyaneh, Iran
  • Roller Blades 10 of 20
    Roller Blades
    Isfahan, Iran
  • Big Sister 11 of 20
    Big Sister
    Isfahan, Iran
  • Child Labor 12 of 20
    Child Labor
    Brandon says, "They were selling pieces of advice. Mine said: 'Don't consult with jealous people.'"
  • Street Kids Play Soccer 13 of 20
    Street Kids Play Soccer
    Isfahan, Iran
  • Pigeons! 14 of 20
    In Tehran
  • Actress 15 of 20
    In Tehran
  • Female Photographer 16 of 20
    Female Photographer
    In Tehran
  • Rug Seller 17 of 20
    Rug Seller
    "How is business?" "As God wants it to be."
  • Little Girl with Umbrella 18 of 20
    Little Girl with Umbrella
    In Tehran
  • Mother and Child in Tehran 19 of 20
    Mother and Child in Tehran
    Wintry rainbow!
  • Children in Tehran 20 of 20
    Children in Tehran
    What a cute bike!

To see all of Stanton’s photos from his trip to Iran, visit this section of his website. Photos used with permission.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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