New Zodiac Sign: Yawn

Zodiac signs
The symbol for Ophiuchus needs to be added to this chart, assuming anyone really cares

We’ve all met those people. You know, the ones who ask you immediately after you’ve been introduced what your sign is, or try to guess what it is, you know, because they’re so intuitive. Are they ever right? Never, it seems. And what do they think knowing your sign will tell them about you, exactly? Not much, it seems.

The news that the Zodiac signs have been rearranged — and that there’s a new one, Ophiuchus  — comes to me with no amount of indifference. Apparently I’ve been a classic Taurus all my life. Stubborn, stubborn and stubborn. And now, as it turns out, I’m not. I’m an Aries, according to the new Zodiac sign dates. And upon looking up the definition, I’m still stubborn.

I think people read what they want in their horoscopes. Kind of like how many of us look in the mirror each morning and pose in different angles until we see what we want to see. And often times it’s possible that the angle we’ve chosen is fleeting and hard or impossible to recreate, but it was enough to get us out the door feeling comfortable about our appearance. Interpreting our daily horoscope (because there’s also a lot of room left open to interpretation) might make us feel like we have a better take on our day, our personality and our future. Like believing in God, horoscopes and the associated meanings might make some feel that understanding and embracing their astrological sign brings them a sense of purpose in the universe.

And to each his/her own, of course. But nothing irks me more than someone trying to guess my 2-year-old’s sign based on her behavior. When I was pregnant with her and revealed my due date, I can’t begin to count how many people said to me, “Oh, a little Leo!” And then they’d throw out cautionary words like, “Fire!” and “Bossy!” and “Impatient!” She has proven since birth to have a strong personality, which others have also nodded knowingly upon hearing when her birthday is. “That makes sense,” they’ll say if she shrieks loud enough to burst an ear drum.

As it turns out now, though, according to the new dates, she’s a Cancer. I wonder if those same people will now interpret her behavior as, “Nurturing!” and “Understanding!” and “Patient!”

I’m actually starting to think that revealing one’s sign should now become a more personal detail, like asking someone their weight or how much money they make. Or maybe I should just double-check the new chart and make I don’t also fall under the sign of the Crab, particularly since I’m not supposed to care about this stuff.

How do you feel about your new astrological sign? Does it mean anything to you?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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