News Flash: Fat People Know They Look Fat in Clothes

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Melissa McCarthy: not an elephant.

In a review of Oscars fashion, an unidentified Boston Globe writer criticized Melissa McCarthy’s dress and look by saying, “The “Identity Theft” funny lady was drowning in drab elephant gray fabric in what we’re told was a custom gown. Maybe it was custom, just not for her.” He or she conveniently links the words “elephant gray” to a swatch of fabric so named to let us know that it is not him or her insinuating that McCarthy IS A BIG, FAT, GIANT ELEPHANT. No. Nope. This has nothing to do with how fat she is. She just happened to be a “drowning,” “drab” “elephant.”

Here are some other things that are grey that Melissa McCarthy might also have been compared to:


A cloudy sky

The human brain

The New York Times


An old person’s hair

Michelle Obama’s nails

It’s funny – when Michelle Obama wore pretty much the exact same shade of grey on her nails that Melissa McCarthy’s dress was made of, the color was described with all kinds of funky words like “concrete jungle,” “dark and stormy” and “foggy.” The name of the color Obama wore, according to the nail polish designer, is “Vogue.” So as far as I’m concerned, Melissa McCarthy was wearing “Vogue Grey” and she looked as hot as Madonna.

Here’s a news flash, Rex Reed et. al.: Us fat ladies know we’re fat. You really don’t have to keep reminding us. We know how we look in clothes, even gowns. We buy and/or choose clothing to wear that displays our fat in the most glorious way possible. I don’t think Melissa McCarthy looked like she was drowning in her dress at all. I thought she looked stunning. And I LOVE that color grey (as Billy Eichner would say, “Vogue, mothereffers!”) and wear it all. the. time. I certainly don’t think it makes me look like an elephant. I think it makes me look like a Maltese tiger! Reowr!

Story via Jezebel

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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