Newsflash: Some People Are NOT on Facebook

Not Everyone Is On Facebook

Breaking news: There are still a few people out there who have managed to live perfectly (or at least relatively) satisfying lives without ever joining Facebook. Hard to believe, but it’s true.

In fact, my husband is one of these so-called Facebook “resisters.”

Apparently, it’s so rare for people to resist Facebook that the Associated Press (AP) recently published a story on the topic, which ran in newspapers throughout the United States and abroad.

As of March 31, Facebook had 901 million users, according to the company. But according to a recent Associated Press-CNBC poll, a shocking 2 out of 5 American adults still haven’t succumbed to the lure of the leading social network. One third of people who choose not to join Facebook said they felt no need to do so.

According to AP:

If all those people continue to shun Facebook, the social network could become akin to a postal system that only delivers mail to houses on one side of the street. The system isn’t as useful, and people aren’t apt to spend as much time with it.

I’d be curious to see how many of Facebook resisters are over 50. In fact, the AP quotes a 77-year-old who says that Facebook is for his grandchildren, but not for him. Yet there are people under 50, like my husband and others interviewed in the article, who have active social lives and careers and feel no need to spent more time in front of a computer.

There’s another reason my husband is not on Facebook. “To me, Facebook is a trip down memory lane that I don’t want to take,” he said. “I don’t want to get contacted by all of my old high school friends I’ve lost touch with. I hated high school. I have no desire to revisit it.”

Some resisters are concerned about privacy issues on Facebook and others cite the impersonality of it. They’d rather meet with friends in person or send them e-mails rather than than post updates intended for a large audience of “friends.”

‘I prefer to keep my communications personal and targeted,’ Jake Edelstein, 41, a pharmaceutical consultant in New York told AP. ‘You’re getting a message that’s written for you. Clearly someone took the time to sit down to do it.’

Do you have friends and family who have resisted Facebook? What are their reasons?

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