New ‘Axe’ Commercial Implies Women are Just as Shallow as the Men in their Ads Always Appear (VIDEO)

Axe hair product
What men who wear Axe see first when they meet a woman

Do two wrongs make a right? If a man meeting you for the first time notices your breasts before your eyes and smile, does that make it OK to notice first whether he has a nice, thick head of hair rather than an engaging personality and a good sense of humor?

Hardly. And yet that’s pretty much the message in a new advertisement for Axe — “Hair. It’s What Girls See First.”

That might be the case for girls who are attracted to men who use/wear Axe (because presumably there must be a least a few girls who find the smell of Axe attractive?). But while men and women might be visual creatures in one way or another, exaggerating that fact by showing a breasts-only woman doesn’t do much to endear the product — or any product — to women.

Of course the product in this particular advertisement is being marketed towards men (it’s some kind of unnamed hair product, even though ad is kind of fuzzy about what it’s actually hawking), so perhaps it’s just evil genius (just like some of their other Axe ads, like the one with the man using Axe to “scrub away the skank” after he spent the night with a woman).

Of course, had Axe showed a woman noticing the first thing about a man was his lack of hair, that might have been more entertaining — to women, at least. Two wrongs don’t make a right, of course, but sometimes that second wrong is worth a chuckle anyway.

What do you think of the ad? Take a look and chime in below:

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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