NickMom Debacle: Nickelodeon, How To Be A Dad, and Typeamom Respond

Yesterday I wrote about an issue concerning the new site NickMom possible ripping off some bloggers, particularly Charlie and Andy of How To Be a Dad. I spoke briefly with Charlie about this issue, and he said:

We love that people share our content. It actually makes us overwhelmingly happy to see friends and strangers relating to it, sharing it, etc. Posting content to a personal page is not the same as publishing it to a business page. Where the train seems to go off the track is when brands and media outlets reshape, republish, place their logo or otherwise share with out any attribution. This sort of cavalier attitude is rampant and we find our stuff publishing and hacked to pieces on a daily basis. It’s just the two of us, so the lion’s share of policing ends up coming from our readers.

I also spoke with Kelby Carr of Typeamom fame as well.

I find it disturbing that a major corporation and media company is ripping off small, independent online publishers like How to Be a Dad and I. They have dramatically more resources than what we are, quite literally mom and pop operations. If it is an honest mistake, then correct the issue and respond. Instead, when Amy commented for example, they left the copycat content up and just deleted her comment.

Today I got in touch with the Tori Fernandes (thanks to Amy Lupold Bair) at Nickelodeon. She gave me this prepared response to the incident.

The content on NickMom is created by a number of freelance writers, and our editors were unaware of the HowToBeADad post until ResourcefulMom brought it to our attention. While we disagree that our posts were the same creative minds can independently produce similar expressions about the common experiences of parents and their children – we took down our original post out of courtesy. At NickMom, we want to continue to contribute positively to the blogosphere and to respect the rights of the creative community.  We look forward to sharing our take on the world of parenting with you.

I don’t know about you, but if you look at yesterday’s post, it’s incredibly clear that, in fact, the How To Be A Dad piece was completely lifted and stolen. Claiming that “creative minds can independently produce similar expressions” is, while technically a possibly true statment, is patronizing and insults the intelligence of anyone that saw the two illustrations. What do you think?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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