No Bunny Does an Awkward Easter Like These 10 Awkward Easter Bunnies

The Easter Bunny’s role in the resurrection of Jesus has always been unclear. But just because the pastel-clad, sugar-toting rabbit’s presence on the last day of Holy Week is kind of superfluous or ambiguous doesn’t mean the Easter Bunny isn’t up for a good time.

The twisted folks over at Awkward Family Photos especially recognize that Easter is well spent laughing or cringing at (not with) the Easter Bunny.

Behold 10 awkward Easter photos to help you celebrate the return of Jesus (as well as Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs):

  • Happy (Awkward) Easter 1 of 11
    Happy (Awkward) Easter
    They might not be the most dignified Easter photos, but they're no more classy than a colored marshmallow chick or a chocolate egg filled with white and yellow goo.
  • Bunny Ears 2 of 11
    Bunny Ears
    Can we be Jewish next year instead?
  • Hello, My Pretty 3 of 11
    Hello, My Pretty
  • Petter Cottontail 4 of 11
    Petter Cottontail
    Hey, if he can hop down the bunny trail in those shoes, more power to him.
  • Mummy 5 of 11
    No to be confused with Mommy.
    Even in the dark, there's no confusion about who's who.
    Speaking of, where is my mommy and can I got to her now? Please?
  • Christmeaster 6 of 11
    Early Easter or late Christmas?
  • Some Time Alone 7 of 11
    Some Time Alone
    Everybody needs a little time away.
    I heard her say.
    From each otttthhhhheeeerrrr.
  • Are We Having Fun Yet? 8 of 11
    Are We Having Fun Yet?
    Because you will have fun, dammit.
  • Old-Fashioned 9 of 11
    Grandma and Grandpa know how to have a good time.
  • An Earful 10 of 11
    An Earful
    Some bunny needs to ask the barber to shave his ears next time.
    Just sayin'.
  • Eggheads 11 of 11
    Smiles, everyone! Smiles!

All photos used with permission from Awkward Family Photos

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