No, I Will Not Give My Child a Beer-Flavored Jelly Belly

erererwrw“What do you think of the idea of a beer-flavored Jelly Belly,” I asked my 8-year-old daughter.

She made a face like she had smelled a mix of a wet cat, rotten eggs, and farts — you know that face little kids have perfected when confronted with something icky. My picky little jellybean lover had one word in response to the announcement that the beloved Jelly Belly company had created a beer flavor, and that word was: “gross!”

I’m thankful that she had that sort of reaction. If her reply was, “Dude, let’s get a 40 ouncer of them,” I’d be worried. Really worried. But I have to say, even though these little nuggets of sugary sweetness are alcohol-free, I take issue with a Jelly Belly mimicking the flavor of beer in a form that kids love.

If you are wondering,  I am not a card carrying teetotaler. I love a nice amber ale poured freshly from the tap as much as the next lady, but I am still filled with the sense of ambivalence over the concept of a kid centric candy company marketing a beer flavored jelly bean.

The flavor is named “Draft Beer” and features a “Hefeweizen-inspired ale” taste. “The effervescent and crisp flavor is packed in a golden jelly bean with an iridescent finish,” the press release for the bean stated. “Beer connoisseurs will find the flavor profile to be clean with notes of wheat and a touch of sweetness. The aroma is mildly bready.”

Jelly Belly already has flavors based on adult beverages like their Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada and Mai Tai but those can be easily mistaken for flavors like lemon/lime or coconut. Beer tastes like, well, beer. I’m not suggesting that if your child pops a couple of Draft Beer Jelly Belly jelly beans that they’re on the road to ruin, but that Jelly Belly should differentiate between jelly beans meant for adults versus those meant for kids. For instance, they could make a “Jelly Belly Booze Collection,” and make sure they are not mixed in with the family friendly flavors. Personally, I would like my daughter’s first taste of beer to be on her 21st birthday (yes, I know, that is completely unrealistic, but a mom can dream) not when she’s in second grade.

Would you be okay with your child eating beer-flavored candy?

Photo Source: Jelly Belly via Fox News


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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