No Junk Food For A Year: How One Family Broke A Junk Food Addiction

Getting creative with healthy food.

All of us, at one time or another, have professed that we are going to eat better.

No more nachos! No more sugary cereals! No more cookies.

How long did you make it? If you’re anything like me, you probably lasted two or three days, a week at the longest, and then you went back to the same old same old.

One family decided to go without junk food for 100 days. It’s been a year and they’re still going strong.

As Piper Weiss from Yahoo reports, Lisa Leake is a stay-at-home mom with two daughters. Lisa and her husband Jason decided to try the healthy eating challenge as a way to break their family’s addiction to junk food. Lisa tells Shine Yahoo she tried to prepare healthy meals for her daughters, but because she was so busy she ended up making processed dinners out of the box.

So the family made some guidelines:
no refined grains or sweeteners
nothing deep fried
only local hormone-free meats and organic fruits and veggies
absolutely nothing out of a box, can, bag, bottle or package with more than five ingredients listed on the label.

Lisa says the hardest habit to kick was the way she fed her girls. No kidding.  When you’ve endured a long day of whining children the last thing you want to do is whip up a dinner from scratch.  Mac & cheese out of the box or chicken nuggets are just so easy.

But Lisa managed it and has chronicled her family’s journey on their blog, And it wasn’t easy, as you can read for yourself. Daughters had to pass up birthday cakes and treats from friends. Lisa says she basically lived in the kitchen pre-planning meals and freezing homemade soups she could heat up if the day was chaotic.

Now, Lisa says they taste food differently. “Artificial food actually tastes bad after eating fresh food for so long,” she explains.

Their effort to eat better has caught on and Lisa has created a 10-day pledge that readers who want to try what the Leake family has done can start off trying. 1,500 families have accepted the challenge and in the past six months, Lisa’s Facebook fans have jumped to 14,000.

Lisa still worries that banning junk food may make it more appealing for her kids once they get older. ” I do worry that by banning junk, they’ll end up wanting it more, so I’m trying to let the girls start making their own informed choices,” she says.

If you’re interested in trying the 10-day challenge, or even just a one day challenge you can head over to Lisa’s blog here.


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