No More Fail Whale! Twitter Matures, Now Offers Stats Too

Earlier today I very, very briefly spotted the Fail Whale and realized that it’s been a while since that’s been a standard occurrence when using Twitter. As the site has grown and changed since launching on July 15th, 2006.

Today there was big news on the Twitter front when it was revealed that at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference that Twitter is now rolling out an analytics service to help individuals and companies better understand how Twitter is driving traffic to their sites.

At the Twitter developers blog, they had the following to say about the changes.

Twitter is a powerful platform for websites to share their content, and drive traffic and engagement. However, people have struggled to accurately measure the amount of traffic Twitter is sending to their websites, in part because web analytics software hasn’t evolved as quickly as online sharing and social signals.

Today we’re announcing Twitter Web Analytics, a tool that helps website owners understand how much traffic they receive from Twitter and the effectiveness of Twitter integrations on their sites. Twitter Web Analytics was driven by the acquisition of BackType, which we announced in July.

The product provides three key benefits:

  • Understand how much your website content is being shared across the Twitter network
  • See the amount of traffic Twitter sends to your site
  • Measure the effectiveness of your Tweet Button integration

Twitter is rolling out the analytics service to a few key partners and hopes to have it available to the public in a few weeks. This article at the Twitter Developers blog offers a sneak peek of how the service will look.

The Next Web dissected the changes at Twitter in this excellent article, and they included the following stats.

[Twitter] Statistics as of September 8, 2011 are as follows.

  • An average of 230 million tweets a day
  • 100M monthly active users around the world
  • 50 million people actively logging in every day
  • Over 55% of these people are mobile users
  • Over 400 million monthly unique visitors to

230 million tweets a day… sheesh. And I’m only personally responsible for a couple hundred of those. Ahem.

There’s no doubt that Twitter has grown up and become a vital tool as well as a fun social media platform. I’m looking forward to seeing the continued changes and growth (and can’t wait to get my hands on those analytics).

Just for fun, I thought I’d end this article with this fun infographic from the Infographic Showcase (click to enlarge). Which Twitter user are you?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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